Learn STEM through Robotics
OUR ROBOTIC EDUCATION   Water Robot (Courtesy : Tufts University, U.S.A)

Stress Free and Enjoyable Learning :

On an average, subjects such as mathematics, physics and other sciences, are considered some of the most stressful and difficult-to-learn classes for young as well as older school children across all continents. With pressure from parents and teachers to score high grades, often the child’s creativity is neglected. We have a “stress” free, interactive, and fun way to teach children of all ages the same subjects and principles. The child will learn about mathematics (i.e. circumference, angles, fractions, rotation etc.) using an actual robot.  He will also gain practical experience in assembling and instructing the robot with specific instructions. It is not like playing “video games” as they do not have to stare at the TV the whole time. It is an actual “hands on” experience with several small robots using the regular classroom setup (with no homework).  Studies have shown that students enrolled in learning Mathematics, Sciences and IT using Robotics programs have a lot more interest in the Science subjects and have gone on to excel in their exams.                                            

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